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What a strange year it's been so far.

A heavy year.

There's so much happening in the world, the country, and in just our everyday life, that's it's sometimes hard to stop, breathe, and remember what we have right in front of us.

Despite the heaviness...little things are happening right now. And big things, too. We might be treading water, but the world continues to turn.

In all honesty, in the wake of all things 2020, I had to think long and hard about how and when it was right to market my photo sessions.

Here we are now, though. June. Half way through the year. We don't know for how long, but things are starting to ease up a bit with restrictions on what we all knew as Quarantine Life.

And the time is now.

The time is now to capture the moments your family is experiencing


Just because 2020 has been a colossal curve ball...a major wake-up call, doesn't mean we stop documenting. In fact, I'd argue that capturing your family is as important as ever.

Did your 6 year old learn a new dance move? Did your 11 year old start looking more like a tween than a kid? Did your 9 month old learn how to cruise? These are important moments to commemorate.

Maybe you picked up a guitar for the first time in a while. Or you bought a house. Did you have a new baby?

Or perhaps it's no special moment in particular, but rather just the pure sacredness of where you are RIGHT.NOW.

It is certain that 2020 will be a year for the history books...and not just because it's the start of a new decade.

Why not get a gallery of images that shows who your family was in 2020?

What their personality was.

That's what we'll do during your session. As always, I'll get a few "money" shots - but more so now than ever, I want to focus on the personality of your family. I want to get those in between moments. The ones that make you remember 30 years down the road not just what you looked like, but how you felt spending time during the photo session you had that time in 2020. When you stopped for a minute to smell the roses that are still out there. When you stopped to commemorate the moments of pleasure.

We don't know what the fall/winter this year will bring, or even next year for that matter. So that's why I'm calling on you to seize the moment. Don't wait this year. Don't wait to get your family on camera.

Do it now. Get the photos now.

Document your family now, during the enormous monster that is 2020.

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