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Happy New Year!

I know, I know, we are four months out from January 1, 2021, but New Years this year didn’t quite have the same excitement as it has in years past. Sure, we were all relieved to have 2020 behind us, however January still seemed grim to me.

But here we are, nearing the middle of April, and I’m finally literally and figuratively warming up to 2021.

I am now a lucky member of the “fully COVID vaccinated” crew, and so are many of my loved ones. My kids have returned to school two days a week, and they are beside themselves with excitement.

Things are looking UP.

Which brings me to one of my favorite topics: FAMILY PHOTOS

I am admittedly biased towards family photos because I am a family photographer. But I believe in them so strongly that I not only feel compelled to take them, but also to write about them.

Which brings me to...


  • TO PAUSE TIME: You know how parents, including me, are always all, “where’s the ‘pause’ button, I wish I could just pause time”? Well, this is your chance. We all know there isn’t and never will be an actual “pause” button. But if you want to get as close as possible, get some professional photos taken, and you will have tangible memories of moments in time. A photo session with me does more than capture smiling faces. I will capture all the details that will truly make you FEEL something when you look at them. Your photos will tell your family story. They’ll freeze those meaningful moments, big and small, and preserve them.

  • TO CONNECT WITH YOUR FAMILY: As we inch further into the 21st century, almost everyone has smart phone. Which means almost everyone has access to an excellent camera at all times. Which means everyone has turned into photographers for their own families. Which means you (usually the mom) are always taking photos of everyone in your family, and that you’re never in any of them. Is that how you want your children and loved ones to remember your family? Documentation of everyone but you? I gently challenge you to think about what it would be like to be a PART of the photos. Not just hopping in for the occasional photo. Not just taking a selfie after a hair cut. But really to participate in the connection. To disconnect from everything else but your family for a solid hour. To participate in the giving and receiving of hugs and kisses. To play the fun games. To be IN your family photos. The end/tangible product of a photo session is the photos. But the actual photo session is more than a means to an end, it’s an experience in and of itself. It’s an hour where you celebrate you and your family.

  • TO PASS DOWN MEMORIES TO FUTURE GENERATIONS: You know those old black and white photos from 100+ years ago? Where your great grandparents are standing side by side, not looking at or touching each other. Ok, maybe holding hands. And then then ones with the whole family standing together? Dressed up maybe for a wedding or a barn dance. Those photos are a snapshot not just of the family members present, but of that time period. The clothes. The way they posed for the photos. The scenery - maybe in front of a church, or a car. No matter how many times I’ve seen those photos of my own grandparents/great grandparents, I am still in awe of them. I examine them differently every time I look at them. My children have seen them, but I am sure they’ll love seeing them in a different light as they mature and have a deeper appreciation of their family history. That is what these photos today will be for your family in the future. Your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc, will all be so thankful that you did the thing. That you had the photos taken. So they can examine them and wonder who you were, too.

  • TO DECORATE YOUR HOUSE: Need I say more?? What better way to decorate your walls than to hang photos of your family. Hugs, hand holding, genuine expressions. Those are some of the connections of you and your loved ones that you’ll receive in your high resolution digital gallery I’ll deliver you after your session. You’ll have a diverse range of photos to display on your walls, on your shelves, in albums. The possibilities are endless.

The reasons to have family photos are plentiful. These are the top four of mine. They are my WHY. They are the reason I strap on my camera early in the mornings, stay up late editing, and study how to best run my business to deliver the very best to you. These reasons are why I believed enough to start, and what drive me to continue.

Don’t let another year go by without documenting your family and the connection you share. Don’t wait until the time is just right.

Do it now.


To find out more about my sessions, and to book, click HERE

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