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Welcome to my world! 
Come in and stay for cup of coffee, sparkling water or a glass of wine.

I'm Libby...a photographer who is passionate about capturing the beautiful and authentic moments in life.  ​


My journey into photography began after I became a mother and discovered that I had a voracious appetite for photographing my delicious little people.  When I realized I could do this for others, too, I started a business, and well, here we are!

Speaking of my little people, they are my two daughters, 11 and 7, Lucia and Annabelle.  My free spirits.  They are the wild-flowers of my soul and keep me grounded through the fantastical wilderness of life...and continuously searching for missing socks (where DO they all go?!).

When I'm not photographing other families, you can find me walking along the paths of Reston, catching up with friends and family, or re-heating my coffee for the 17th time.


Photo Cred: Jen Joseph Photography

Fun Facts

  • I am a nurse by trade, and have worked in the NICU, wellness industry, and public health

  • I am the youngest of three girls 

  • The beach is my happy place

  • I love DIY home renovation projects, but it takes me a looooong time to complete them because, well...working, mothering, and...

  • I have ADHD...but I see it as kind of a super power

Meet my crew...





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