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Within a week of reserving your session, you will receive a more detailed preparation guide to maximize your readiness for our big day!  In the meantime, here's some basic information to hold you over...

CONGRATULATIONS on the birth (or impending birth!) of your baby!  A new baby brings so much joy, and I'm honored to photograph this time in your life.  My goal is to turn the tender moments families share into beautiful art. 

My PHOTOGRAPHY is lifestyle based.  I approach sessions in a laid-back manner so as to minimize stress and make this experience one you'll remember for the better.  My newborn work uses baby-led posing.  This means that the baby is the boss.  Your baby won't be put into any uncomfortable/unnatural poses.  This style works to our advantage during COVID since I don't rely on placing the baby into any unnatural poses, and therefore don't have to touch your baby and am able to keep a safe distance.  Your baby is perfect the way he/she is, and the entire session can be done with the little one in your arms and on a soft blanket.  I do not use props for my sessions.  If there is a particular prop you'd like me to work into the session, please let me know ahead of time.

I do sessions with the baby either AWAKE or ASLEEP.  Whatever baby is up to at the time of the shoot is how he/she will be photographed.  I do recommend that you try to feed the baby about 15-30 minutes before my planned arrival time.  With that being said, this is to be a go-with-the-flow experience, so baby may need to eat during/throughout the session too, with is totally fine.  

WARDROBE should be something that you and your family feel comfortable in.  A neutral fitted onesie is a great option for baby.  A pattern is ok, but try to avoid decals/lettering on the clothing/onesie. If you need any wardrobe ideas, you can check out my PINTEREST PAGE.  If there are any particular swaddle blankets you love, or an outfit change you want for baby, set those out for easy access during the session.


Whether you choose an OUTDOOR or INDOOR location for your newborn session, SAFETY is my number one goal.  Here are some key points for each option to help you decide/know how to prepare:


  • Know that safety is key.  If you would like an indoor newborn session, it can be done safely!  I am fully vaccinated for COVID-19 as of March 2021.  I will still wear a mask during the entire session for your comfort, and will do my best to keep a safe distance from you and your baby while still capturing all the moments.

  • Don't stress. Having a newborn is work enough.  Please don't feel the need to have a perfectly clean home before the session.  When I arrive, I will walk through to assess which room has the best natural light.  Usually I use the master bedroom and/or nursery, as long as lighting allows it.  Pre-COVID, I was happy to tidy areas of the room used to photograph, however in keeping with not touching anything in your home, I can help direct you as to what to move where if needed.

  • Think 10am.  While outdoor sessions are best done when light is at it's least harsh, indoor sessions need to be done during the brighter hours.  Since I rely on natural light during indoor shoots, the best time is around 10am when the light is bright, but the sun is still not up in the middle of the sky.

Pre-COVID, my newborn sessions always took place in the home, however, like most industries, us photographers have had to adjust.  While in-home shoots are certainly still a wonderful option, I also offer OUTDOOR newborn sessions.  This is a great way to maximize safety and still capture those beautiful moments with your baby in the early weeks of his/her life.  In 2020, I had the opportunity to partner with DC Area Moms Collective on the topic of newborn photo session safety.  You can read that post HERE


  • Know that safety is key.  Even during outdoor sessions, I am in the practice of maximizing safety.  I will keep as much distance as I can and minimize touch points while capturing your baby.

  • Think about location.  The session can easily be done in your yard or near your home. If you prefer a garden of sorts or a different option such as a landmark or more urban vibe, I have plenty of ideas you can choose from.

  • Bring a blanket.  During non-COVID times, when doing an outdoor photo shoot of any kind, I was the blanket-bringer.  The pandemic has changed things, and since I am doing everything to make safety a priority, I am having families use their own blanket.  A nice neutral soft throw blanket is all you need.

  • Pick a time.  When doing an outdoor session, it's important to consider the sun/light.  To reduce the amount of harsh sun/light, it's best to do the session during or near the "golden hour", which means the hour after the sun goes up or the hour before it goes down.  With the DC heat and humidity, this is a win, because morning and evening is when it's less hot.  As the weather cools down for the fall, there's nothing wrong with cozy sweaters and a beautifully bundled baby.

  • Travel light.  While I will ask you to have a throw blanket handy, and any other receiving blanket you want the baby wrapped in or covered with, consider not packing much more other than anything you may need if baby needs a feeding or a diaper change.  I used to call myself a "sherpa" as I was always happy to help families carry purses/diaper bags, etc. during photo sessions, however since I am not touching families or their belongings because of COVID, I unfortunately cannot be your sherpa for the time being.

PAYMENT of $200 is due at the time of booking in order to ensure your spot on my calendar once your baby is born.  This cost covers the preparation guidance as well as the time spent doing the actual photo session.  An invoice for this as well as the session contract will sent to you once you book.
*This cost does not include digital or physical prints - keep reading for more.  From there, you will receive the detailed prep guide, and we will keep in touch regarding the session date based on when your baby is born.  If your baby has already been born, we will book your date at that time.
Two weeks after the session, you'll receive an online gallery presented to you in slideshow format.  You'll have 24 hours to watch the slideshow with your loved ones and decide which collection of digital photos and print credit you'd like to purchase based on your needs and budget.  The print credit you receive as part of your collection can be used to purchase high quality prints/holiday cards/calendars/albums directly from your gallery!  

COLLECTION pricing/details are as follows:​

Collection 1

cost: $500

10 digital high-res downloads

$50 print credit

Collection 2

cost: $700

30 digital high-res downloads

$150 print credit

Collection 3

cost: $900

ALL digital high-res downloads

$300 print credit

Have any QUESTIONS? Don't hesitate to reach out!

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