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How to prepare for your newborn session

...the basics

Baby Addison-14.jpg

You just brought a tiny human home and are making a meaningful investment in your family archives!

I'll handle the logistics, the flow of the session, and the final product.  All you need to focus on is being present in all your glory as you bask in the joy of this new little babe. In order to make this session as stress-free as possible, I let you and the baby lead the way. If baby needs to eat, she eats. if she needs a diaper and/or clothing change, no problem.  

I use baby-led posing, which means that I do not put the baby in any unnatural positions or poses. Sessions are done with baby either awake or asleep, so I often let whatever state the little one is in determine which direction I go.

Here's how to prepare in order to make your session the most epic...

Baby Lila-32.jpg


Figuring out wardrobe options for your session can be overwhelming.  Don't let it!  These photos are for you and your family, so they should represent just that. 

  • Plan yours and your family's outfits (and make any necessary purchases) at least one week in advance so that there is time for adjustments if needed.

  • Pick up to 3-4 colors.  Outfits don't have to be matchy-matchy, as that is a thing of the past.  Pick a few colors to be a theme, and then play around and have fun with contrast.

  • Patterns are ok!  As long as they complement each other and are in-line with the color scheme.

  • Avoid neon colors. They can cause unpleasant color-casting on the face.

  • Avoid lettering and logos for a more classic look.  Sometimes, if understated, lettering can work, however, make sure it is intentional.

  • Think about feet. Shoes are certainly fine to wear for an in-home session if you'd like, however bare-feet or socks are most popular. If you choose to wear socks, please choose ones without logs/lettering, unless it is an intentional choice as they will show in the photos.


This new little human is going to get a lot of attention during the photo sesh! So let's discuss how I recommend making wardrobe/accessory choices...

  • Form Fitted is KEY. If there is one take-away from this prep guide, it is that babies photograph best in form-fitted clothes. A simple fitted onesie/one-piece is all he/she needs. Solid/neutral colors are always timeless. Patterns are great too, though again try to steer away from any logos/lettering/decals.

  • In The Nude.  If you'd like your baby to have some shots in the nude, or just in a diaper, we can do that! Usually I'll ask if you want those shots during a time of transition for the baby like after a feeding or diaper change.

  • Think About Accessories. Babies are perfect as they are, and don't need any flare. However, if you'd like your little one to wear a headband, hat, and/or certain swaddle blankets at any point during the session, that's perfectly fine. Have these accessories either on the baby or handy to add in during the session.

Baby Addison-88.jpg


Your home is not the highlight of the session, but it is an element, as we'll likely move about and it will be the backdrop for these photos. Therefore, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • General Cleanliness. Listen up. I have had some babies of my own, and I know the utter joy and exhaustion that comes with the territory. Your house does NOT need to be squeaky clean. A little bit of general tidying up is all you need to do. I can help with this as needed during the session!

  • Open shades, blinds and curtains. I am a natural light photographer.  This means that the more natural light, the better.  Ideally, I would like to walk around your house when I arrive to scope out the spots with the best natural light.  It's helpful if prior to my arrival, you pull all shades, blinds, curtains to the MOST open position. Also, please turn off overhead lights.  Twinkle lights are ok.

  • Let's move around! The beauty of an in-home session is that we are in YOUR environment.  Let's make the most of it and use the space, if you'd like. We can bounce around from the living room, nursery, master bedroom, kitchen, porch, back yard, etc.  If you're interested in using bedrooms, make sure your choice of bedding is intentional, just like your outfits.

"Life isn't perfect, but it has perfect moments."

For inspiration on wardrobe, you can visit my PINTEREST page HERE

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