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How to prepare for your maternity session

...the basics

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You're having a baby and have just made a meaningful investment in your family archives!

I'll handle the logistics, the flow of the session, and the final product.  All you need to focus on is being present in all your glory as you anticipate the arrival of this new little bundle of joy.

In order to help you maximize your fabulousness and minimize your stress, I've put together some helpful tips on how to prepare for your session.

Here's how to prepare in order to make your session the most epic...



Figuring out wardrobe options for your session can be overwhelming.  Don't let it!  These photos are for you and your family, so they should represent just that. 

  • Plan yours and your family's outfits (and make any necessary purchases) in advance so that there is time for adjustments if needed.

  • Pick up to 3-4 colors.  Outfits don't have to be matchy-matchy, as that is a thing of the past.  Pick a few colors to be a theme, and then play around and have fun with contrast.

  • Patterns are ok!  As long as they complement each other and are in-line with the color scheme.

  • Avoid neon colors. They can cause unpleasant color-casting on the face.

  • Avoid lettering and logos for a more classic look.  Sometimes, if understated, lettering can be ok, however, make sure it is intentional.

  • Don't be afraid to go fancy (or casual). Again, this session is for YOU.  If you're in the mood for your family to glam it up, this is the perfect opportunity!  If you want to go casual in jeans, that looks awesome, too.  


Feet are created equal.  Don't let the wrong footwear ruin your phenomenal outfit choices! Your entire body, including your feet, will be photographed.  Here are some tips on how to make sure those feet are photo-ready.

  • The style of shoe should be in-line with the style of your clothes. Comfort IS important, yes, and sneakers are ok. But!  All sneakers are NOT created equal.  In general, athletic-type sneakers, even when you're dressed casually, don't translate well in photos.  If sneakers are your jam, go for it!  Maybe get a new funky pair, or wear some that are simple and neutral.

  • Don't forget to consider your socks.  If you choose to wear socks, that is A-OK!  But just don't forget that they WILL show.  They will show when you are sitting down for photos, and sometimes when you're standing.  Nothing ruins a nice dress shoe like an athletic sock.  Don't let that happen to you.  If you wear socks, make sure they're on point with your look.  You'll thank me later!

  • Don't be afraid to go bare! Bare feet are perfect for in-home sessions.  But they can also be fun for summer sessions in your yard or on your porch.  If you do go bare, think about your toes and whether you want them polished or not.  Both are fine, just make sure they don't have 4-week old chipped polish on them like mine do right now :)

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We all know who the main star is of this event...that bump! Here are some options to consider when deciding how to dress in order to best capture you and your passenger in your element.

  • Form Fitted. A form-fitted dress is a great way to accentuate the little human growing inside you since it hugs your bump tightly. Whether short and casual, or long and formal, a form-fitted dress never disappoints.

  • Flowy.  Whether short or long, skirt or dress, a flowy look is always good for a gold star Mother Earth vibe. My favorite thing when photographing a mama in a flowy dress/skirt is when the wind picks up a bit and brings it to life with movement.

  • Casual. Want to wear a tank and jeans? You'll look marvelous! Throw a chunky cardigan over it in case there's a chill in the air, and you're all set.

"Life isn't perfect, but it has perfect moments."

For inspiration on wardrobe, you can visit my PINTEREST page HERE

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