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"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."

Dr. Emmet Brown - Back to the Future

Location Location Location...

You want to have family photos, but have you thought about WHERE you want your session to be held?  You're in luck because we are fortunate enough to be in the beautiful nation's capital where the possibilities are endless.

Below is a list of spots where I like to do sessions, and what they have to offer.  If there is a location that isn't on this list that you have in mind, let me know!

urban locations:

A beautiful classic in the heart of Washington, DC that has such unique character with the mix of architecture and nature.  A session at this location starts at the Baked & Wired coffee shop.  From there, we will take a little stroll around the streets, alleys, bridges, and end at the waterfront in DC.  If you're not up for a stroll around the block, it's not a problem - the C&O Canal spot is beautiful enough to do an entire session there. 

c&o canal towpath, georgetown


Wander the intimate, colorful and dynamic allies of this iconic DC location. Wood barn doors, steel steps, brick roads, hanging lanterns, and colorful murals make this spot full of character to showcase your family. Come ready to sit, stand, lean, skip and play!

blagden alley, washington, dc

Lucia & Annabelle_Blagden Alley-6.jpg

Located on the outskirts of DC, in Northern VA, Old Town Alexandria is another urban classic. Unique features here are a quaint cobblestone road, richly colored row houses, a beautifully painted blue feature door nestled in a garden, and a waterfront.  What more could you ask for?  Like C&O Canal, this location has an element of adventure.  The more we move around, the more dynamic the photo session will be.  

old town alexandria, virginia


As a Restonian of 13 years, I'm admittedly biased on the beauty this community holds.  Lake Anne Plaza was the first town center built in Reston, 1964.  Its character is true to the 60s when it was built, but has had modern upgrades.  Paddle boats, kayaks, restaurants, public art sculptures, a used book store, and a unique fountain are among the many features that make this spot special.  

lake anne, reston virginia


This isn't your typical urban location. In fact, it's technically a park. This hidden gem sits just south of Old Town Alexandria along the Potomac River.  In addition to the beauty of the river-front rocks and trees, this park features an historic riverine lighthouse built in 1855.  As an added unique touch to your session, there's a grand space directly under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge! 

jones point park, alexandria

Jones Point Park 2.jpg

This architectural masterpiece in the heart of the Mall in DC is a beautiful and dynamic spot for photos.  The steps and columns are grand, as well as the Reflecting Pool, which it overlooks.  Seen from the memorial and Reflecting Pool is the Washington Monument, another icon of the city.  The pool is lined with quant paths, benches, and trees, which make for a great stop during a session here.

the lincoln memorial, washington, dc

Kearney-Noronha Family-87.jpg

Tidal Basin photos start at the beautiful FDR Memorial abundant in stone and waterfalls. This vast memorial is sprawling and has plenty of room for little ones to run around.

From there, we walk down towards the Tidal Basin where the Washington Monument shows its poignant reflection. As we walk along, benches and old trees make for an ultimately picturesque backdrop.

the tidal basin, washington, dc

Tidal Basin-2.jpg

This unexpected spot is full of character. The large red railroad train is an anchor and provides a fun spot for photos both close-up and from afar.

The large, rustic amphitheater, grassy flied, and cross streets provide ample room for exploration.

town green, vienna va

Vienna Town Greene-15.jpg

garden/park locations:

This is a quaint garden nestled on the grounds of the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.  A winding path takes you through the gardens, and on the way you'll enjoy beautiful architecture.  There is an open lawn area to allow for plenty of room for children to pay and explore.  The wooden benches and gazebo on the grounds also make for nice features to include in the session.

bishop's garden, washington, dc


Green Spring Gardens is a dynamic, large, public garden.  It's centered around a beautiful brick home which makes for a very nice backdrop.  There is a large lawn and garden area with a gazebo.  The garden leads to a sweet children's "secret garden" where kids can have a pretend tea party, play chimes, and draw on a chalkboard. Another feature is two ponds with large lily pads.

green spring gardens, alexandria va


The Barn at One Loudoun is a hidden gem.  The barn itself is visible from the street, and is a great structure and starting place for sessions here.  But magic happens as you start exploring the path off the barn to discover tunnels, a playground, and family-sized-hanging swinging benches.  This is one of my favorite spots year-round to do sessions!

the barn at one loudoun, ashburn va


This large park in northern VA offers lots of variety.  With a large meadow area, there's ample room for kids to run around.  Gravel paths, rustic barns, and a pond all make this park special.  There's a lovely white house with a porch, and there are small cottage-like buildings with unique stone and brick.  If you are looking for a nature setting that's dynamic, this is a wonderful spot.

claude moore park, sterling va

Ickowski Family-56.jpg

super local locations:

There is no shortage of beautiful neighborhoods in this area.  In fact, I would argue that every neighborhood has its own beauty.  I am an adventurous photographer, and while there are certain locations I love to shoot in, I am not opposed to exploring new ones.  If you love your neighborhood or want to stay super close to home because of convenience, we can make that happen! 

your neighborhood, anywhere dc


Want your photographs outside but don't want to have to travel to get there?  Do you have a yard you love?  A porch you love?  Porch and yard sessions are a beautiful way to photograph your family right there on the grounds of your home.  Capturing the character of your family where they live is a very special way to document your story.

your porch/yard, anywhere dc


Want to keep it even MORE local??  Inside your home could be the perfect place.  These are ideal for newborn sessions, but can be great for any family even without a newborn.  In-home sessions tend to take on more of a documentary style as kids are able to access more of their own items in their natural environment - I can even capture you doing an activity like making breakfast! 

your home, anywhere dc

Baby Addison-88.jpg
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