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Welcome to Picture Day, Harbor School Families!

Save the Date!

Photo Cred: Jen Joseph Photography

SEPT 27th & 28th

Get excited!

Picture day is coming...and I can't wait to see your kids on the other side of my lens.

Join the

This is your landing page for all things
picture day-related, so let's dive in...


Registration & 
Model Release

If your child is enrolled at Harbor School, there's nothing you need to do to register him/her for picture day. Pictures will be taken of every child as part of my services. You will only pay for digitals and prints that you purchase once you receive your proofing gallery 2-3 weeks after picture day (more information below).


Though there is no registration for photos, I do ask for each family to please take a quick minute to fill out a Model Release Form so that I know whether or not you consent to me using your photos for future client education on my photography approach/style.


Privacy is of upmost importance to me, and I will never use your photos without permission. 


(there's lots of keep scrolling)

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Visiting Sibling

Do you have other children NOT registered at Harbor School that you'd like photographed individually and with your Harbor School student(s)?

If so and they're older than 9 months old, sign up below and we'll get it done!

If all of your children you want photographed are enrolled at Harbor School there is no need to pre-register here - this is only for non-Harbor School "visiting" siblings.

Time slots are in the morning around student drop-off.


About your photographer
...hi, I'm Libby

I thrive in chaos, and love finding beauty in the messiness of everyday life.  I can often be found wandering around the house looking for my other shoe.


I believe that the best art is the kind that showcases the raw expressions of humanity.

My playful and laidback approach to school photography aims to meet your child where they're at to elicit their most authentic and epic selves.

When I'm not photographing kids, families and business owners, I can be found hanging out with my own daughters or rearranging my furniture.

“How could I possibly be able to handle school on a day like this?” 

Ferris Bueller


What in the world is Lifestyle School Photography?

Out are the tired outdated school photos of the past. In is lifestyle school photography. This is a magical style of photographing kids where I allow them the space to be themselves. I talk to them and encourage play to elicit the most genuine smiles and expressions.

My school photos are taken outside in the beauty of nature where kids often feel more comfortable and free.

How will I order?

You'll receive a private online proofing gallery within 2-3 weeks of photo day. Each gallery will contain 2-5 images of your child in each color and b & w. If multiple children, each child will have their own album, and the siblings will have their own album.


Orders are placed online directly through your gallery within 1 week of it going live. You'll have the option to order digitals, prints, canvas wraps, and other high quality products. 

Purchased digital images will be released to you within 2 of purchase. Products are delivered with standard delivery time depending on the speed you choose at check-out.

What should my child wear?

Your child should wear something that he/she feels stellar in. If you have a strong opinion in that, I suggest offering a few options to your kiddo that they can pick from. Layers and accessories can be a fun addition.

The type of clothes that photograph best are: 

  • well-fitted (not too loose/baggy)

  • without loud logos/lettering/graphics

  • not too fluorescent bright

What if it rains?

Since I use nature as my backdrop, weather is a consideration.

I do everything to make the original picture day a GO unless there is moderate to heavy rain. In case of light rain or drizzle, I have a tent or use an awning. 

If Mother Nature prevents us from proceeding with the original date, I will work with your school to reschedule ASAP.

Can parents jump in for a quick photo?

As much as I love photographing all the people, this day is just for your child(ren). 

If you'd like to learn more about my family photography and schedule a session, feel free to reach out! (contact button below)

Do you offer retouching?

Yep! If there's an image you'd like retouched, you may purchase this service by adding it to your cart and entering a note as to what you'd like retouched.

I will do my best to meet your needs and call you with any questions. There is a 5-10 day turnaround time for retouching.

See the 2023 school photo print/digital price list here:

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Have a question? Contact me here, and I'll get back to you via phone or email, whichever you prefer...

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