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You know that "pause" button we're so often in search of? 

Photo Cred: Jen Joseph Photography

I've found it...

...and when you do a photo session with me, you've found it, too.  You are pushing "pause".  Taking a big, cleansing breath with the ones you love.  You're documenting moments that are both ordinary and extraordinary to look at and hold forevermore.

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Hi there!
I'm Libby

I thrive in chaos, and love finding beauty in the messiness of everyday life.  I can often be found wandering around the house looking for my other shoe.


I believe that the best art is the kind that showcases the raw expression of humanity in family life.

To find out if my laid-back, playful, and connection-centric approach is the right fit for your photography needs, just shoot me a message!

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"We were together. I forget the rest."

Walt Whitman

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A photo session with me means a low-stress experience of movement, play and connection...

all while documenting your family just as they are.

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