How to prepare for your extended family photo session...

COVID-19 edition

I'm so EXCITED to capture your family.  My goal is to turn the tender moments families share into beautiful art.  I approach my sessions in a laid back and fun manner so as to minimize stress and make this experience one you'll remember for the better. 

My PHOTOGRAPHY is lifestyle based.  This means that I will be guiding you and your family to show the love and connection that you share.  I will take some "money" shots where everyone is looking and smiling at the camera, but expect that many of the poses/shots will be of your family looking at/embracing each other, and letting your family be who they are.  I do not use props, however if there is a special prop you have that you'd like to use, please notify me beforehand with this information so I can plan accordingly.  If you'd like to know more about the lifestyle approach to family photography and what it means for a typical family session of mine, check out my BLOG POST on the topic.  

As an extended family session, I will make sure to capture the entire family together as well as the separate family units.  Please let me know either ahead of time or during the session if there are other combinations of family members you would like captured (i.e. cousins, older sibling shot, etc...).

WARDROBE should be something that you and your family feel fantastic and comfortable in.  If you need ideas on how to dress you and your family, please visit my PINTEREST page. 

Rest assured, COVID PRECAUTIONS are in place!  Here are things to consider/keep in mind for your session during COVID:

  • SAFETY: I have a fantastical lens that allows me to capture the beautiful details of your family while keeping at least 6" away from you at all times.  I also always where a mask for 100% of the photo session. 

  • PACK LIGHT: Pre-COVID, I would typically refer to myself as the "sherpa" of the session, as I was happy to help carry your bags/purses, etc. while I photographed your family strolling along.  But since COVID is preventing me from touching your family and your belongings, I will not be able to help you with your extra items.  Because of this, make sure you think ahead and pack as light as possible.  We can always set bags/purses aside during a session, but I do like moving around from spot to spot in a location during a session if possible, so keep that in mind.

  • PACK ACCORDINGLY: I know I know, I just told you to pack light.  But I need to add something to your packing list.  A blanket.  If you want one.  My standard operation used to be that I always brought a throw blanket for families during sitting/lying photos.  Since COVID has me keeping my distance and not touching families or their belongings, I can't do that anymore.  Soooo if you would like to sit on a blanket during the session, please bring one with you.  A nice neutral throw blanket is all you need.  If you don't mind sitting on the ground (grass/cement/wood stairs/whatever is in the location we choose), then no blanket is needed! 

PAYMENT is due at the time of the photo shoot.  The cost for the session is $500.  I accept cash, check or VENMO (@Libby-Bianchi).  The cost covers the session as well as an online gallery delivered within 14 days.  The gallery will include a minimum of 60 high quality edited digital images with the rights to download and/or print as you please.  Prints are sold separately.  

SPREAD THE LOVE - If you refer someone who books a session, tell them to mention your name and you'll receive 10% off the next session you book with me.

Have any QUESTIONS? Don't hesitate to reach out to me via phone 301-775-7852 or email