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How to prepare for your branding session

...the deets

You've just made a meaningful investment in your business.

My goal is to help you tell your brand story.  To help you represent your brand.  To provide professional high-quality photos you can use as content to promote your business.  To highlight your brand's and your personality.

In order to help you maximize your fabulousness and minimize your stress, I've put together some important tips on how to prepare for your session.

Now, let's discuss how to prepare so it's the most epic...



  • What is your BRAND? This is an important question in considering what you'll wear for the session. Do you have brand colors? What message are you trying to send to your clients about yourself?  Relaxed, professional, casual, formal? A mix?

  • Hair & Makeup are important. Don't wait until the day of to figure out how you'll wear your hair and do your makeup.  If you'd like day-of makeup done by a professional, I have one I can recommend.

  • Nails matter too.  Has it been some time since you've gotten or given yourself a manicure? Why not treat yourself to one the day before your session.  Even if you do it yourself to save time and money, fresh nails are a great way to feel your best for photo day.

  • Avoid neon colors. They can cause unpleasant color-casting on the face.

  • Plan outfits with varying formality. We are multidimensional people. Let your clients see your humanity. Formal/professional attire is great. But so is a casual/loosened-up look.

  • Accessorize! Accessories are a wonderful way to show personality.  You're welcome to change out jewelry, scarves, and/or hats during our time together.


  • The Mug: For my "Mugs", you only have to have one location nailed down.  It can be at your place of business, your home, outside. Wherever you'd like it to be!

  • The Solo & The Squad:  My "Solo" and "Squad" sessions are perfect for business owners who want to show a diverse variety in the way they work. Is your home your office, and you work on the go in various locations? If so, let's go to those spots. Choose up to three.  

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  • What are your tools? You might be thinking, "I don't use a hammer for my job!" That's ok.  I mean any tools. For example, my camera is my tool. But so is my laptop, my desktop, my phone, etc. Those are the kind of tools I can highlight and get detail shots of during your session.

  • Drinks?  Do you want to be shown with a cup of coffee in hand? If so, let's do it! Want a mimosa or a glass of wine? That's fine, too. Again, this is your brand story. You get to write it. I'm there to capture it.

  • Music can loosen the mood. Let's all be's awkward to have your photos taken...for most of us.  Even me! I know I usually feel stiff when I'm the photographee. One cure for that is a great playlist. If you have one that you love, have it ready to go...we can jam out to it during your session. I'll bring mine on backup in case you forget, don't worry.

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