Welcome to my world!  Come on in and stay for a latte, a beer, or a taco; whatever your heart desires.

I'm Libby, a photographer who is passionate about capturing the beautiful and authentic moments that families share together.  

My journey into photography began after I became a mother and got curious about the techniques of photographing my own children.  I suppose I thought if I could perfect photographing my kids, I could slow down time.  I begrudgingly came to realize that, indeed, I could not do that...but I serendipitously discovered a true love for capturing moments and turning them into art.  As they say, the rest is history. 

I have two daughters, 9 and 5, Lucia and Annabelle, who are the wild-flowers of my soul, and a husband, Bruno, who keeps me grounded through the fantastical wilderness of life.

When I'm not photographing other families, you can find me walking along the paths of Reston, catching up with friends and family, or trying to shiplap yet another room in my house.


Meet my crew: Annabelle, Lucia and Bruno